Monday, July 26, 2010

Stewed zuchini, fava beans and peas in yoghurt whey with basil flowers

This recipe isn't perfect but there is an interesting idea here. I made yogurt, cooked it with aromatics, and then strained it. I saved the whey to make this sauce. It looks rich, but is actually very light, with a beautiful tang. I sauteed a little onion and garlic and then blasted some zucchini. I added the whey and reduced it a bit, then finished it with some cooked favas, peas (last of the season), basil flowers, and the zucchini blossoms.

I put a piece of Sauteed salmon on top, but it would be a good dish without the fish.


  1. Linda told me a bit about you Zac ad I'm inpressed w/the inventiveness and practicality of the menus and recipes. Not easy to do practical w/o same ole same ole and inventiveness w/o too many (or too crazy combos of) ingredients. Ck out my favorite Italian chef's website (Le Calandre). Yes it is also available in English - Massimilliano is 4 star Michelin chef in the Veneto. best to you and thanks for what you do, Elizabeth